Old Testament scholar, Walter Brueggemann, helps us understand the place of the Vengeance Psalms in the church today. This is five minutes well spent, five minutes that will unlock those parts of the Psalter that may have previously seemed inaccessible.

“Preachers have to decide what the main tasks are and practice enormous self-discipline about not being drawn away to do other things that do not properly belong to the ministry of Word and Sacrament…Many pastors finally get around to their sermon in their fatigue from everything else. And if imagination is the key to good preaching, you cannot be imaginative if you’re exhausted. So I think it has to do with ordering one’s priorities for the sake of one’s best energy.” Brueggemann encouraging us about our call to “bring a word from elsewhere.

I’ve grown up a musician and have always suspected there is┬ámore to music than we at first think. This video pulls the curtain back a bit more, helping us to know we’re dealing with the transcendent when we’re dealing with music.

N.T. Wright takes two punchy minutes on The Song Of Worship. What’s happening when we sing to God of his mercy and grace and redemption? “You are actually turning your body into a kind of resonating echo chamber…”

Reflections on Death from CPX on Vimeo.

Stanley Hauerwas on death. 4 minutes of sheer wisdom.

Hugh Williamson presents a clear and cogent summary of the book of Isaiah. I find it inspiring to listen to someone who has “lived with” and internalized the biblical material as Williamson has clearly done. Take 17 minutes and see the broad sweep of Isaiah.